Tunav IT Group specializes in the creation of digital geographic maps and has a detailed and rich geographic database.

Mapping application development

The map of Tunav is composed of several layers, each layer presents one of the themes presented above, this card is used for:

  • Background map for GPS / GPRS tracking system “LaTrace”
  • SAFAR Browser navigation map background
  • Base map of the geo-portal of Tunav IT Group
  • Selling for customers who need to integrate fund maps on their systems and application.
Mapping application development

Tunav offers its customers all its expertise in the field of construction of their GIS, SIGWEB and cartographic mapping solutions in all its stages:

  • The design of cartographic databases
  • The creation and collection of data
  • The creation, publication and sharing of cartographic services
  • The development of the SIGWEB or Portal
  • Hosting and deployment

Tunav’s map portal “GeoTunav” is a good example! This portal offers users:

  • Assess to a large amount of geographic information
  • Various cartographiques services
  • Possibilités de recherche et d’analys
  • Export and printing of cards
SIGWEB Features


  • Thematic Map Display
  • Common tools: Zoom in/out, map translatio,n, last lebel of zoom, zoom next level
  • Search for adresses or a specific type of point (restaurent, hotel , pharmacy, school,…)
  • Calculation of disrance, area
  • Search for routes between two boints, with or without obstacles with or without, intermediate points.
  • Drawing tools on the ap
  • Entity editing and updating tools
  • card printing tools
  • query tools on layers
  • tools for operation, display, and analysis of results
  • graphing and statistics production tools
  • Map Legend